What's new in Xcode 10 beta 6?

Interface Builder

  • The exception "Impossible to set up layout with view hierarchy unprepared for constraint." has improved diagnostics.
  • Scrolling performance, especially in very large storyboards, is improved.
  • Control-dragging from Interface Builder to a Swift source file defaults to creating @IBOutlet when the insertion point is above the first method in a class, and @IBAction otherwise.
  • Discouraged uses of Vibrant Light and Vibrant Dark appearance are now reported. NSPopover and NSVisualEffectView are exempted.

Source Editor

  • Xcode no longer allows creating discontiguous selections using the command modifier key. To create discontiguous selections, hold control+shift during the selection.


  • When running tests from xcodebuild or Xcode Server with iOS Simulator destinations, test failures will result in the collection of log archives embedded in the test action result bundle.

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Release Notes

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