Now Elon Musk has the Script to Fight Cryptocurrency Scammer

Elon Musk asks DogeCoin creator Jackson Palmer (@ummjackson) for help to fight cryptocurrency scammer.

In response to this, Palmer sent the script via Twitter DM, assisting the Musk to successfully implementing the script. Palmer later tweeted that Elon Musk has the script. He further shared they also discussed some solutions Twitter can implement to fix the problem on their end.

In an effort to deal with the cryptocurrency scammer, Twitter tried lock  account if you are not verified and change you display name to Elon Musk. Twitter says it’s still working on additional solutions to the problem, but it seems as if scammers are creating bot accounts faster than the company can actively lock them out. After this, scammer starts creating the account with some additional special character which visible as blank space. On this SwiftOnSecurity trolls Twitter

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