Deepfakes Artificial Intelligence - Everybody Dance Now

One of the more applications of Deepfakes on the internet is here to show you how to dance, call it deepfakes for dancing. It uses AI to read someone's dance moves and copy them on to a target body.

Researchers of UC Berkley have published a research paper outlining how they are using Deepfakes AI to copy one person’s dance moves from the video and seemingly possess target person's body for the same moves. Here the video demo can be found at

Deepfakes are videos in which the subject is face-swapped using machine-learning algorithms. Deepfakes may be used to create fake celebrity pornographic videos. Deepfake pornography surfaced on the Internet in 2017, particularly on Reddit. Deepfakes can be used to create fake news. Non-pornographic deepfakes can be easily found on popular online video streaming sites such as Youtube or Vimeo. A popular program is FakeApp, which makes use of TensorFlow.

Research Paper

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